Hello, Lady Love!

We are so very excited you are tapping into your Power to Exhale. You’ve made a great decision!

As women we are pulled in a million different directions, we are Moms, Wives, Friends, Co-Workers, Supporters, Confidantes, and Friends, and we rarely have time for ourselves.  Exhale is about “ME TIME”. It’s sister time at its best.  Your Power to Exhale matters because sometimes, solid sisterhood in a judgment-free and non-critical zone is just what the doctor ordered.

We take our Exhale breaks through a lot of travel and local chapter events, and we work daily through all of those opportunities to wipe out the DNA (the Demeaning Negative Attitudes) of women globally.  Together, we can change the world!

Can’t wait to love on you and take your power to the next level!

Charla Young, Founder


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