Dive into the rhythms of the Caribbean

The Caribbean Fest App Is Here!

We’re taking our Music Festival experience to the next level Explore who’s performing, Plan out each day with your own itinerary, Share Photos, and follow fellow travelers inside the Power to Exhale Universe.  Receive instant updates directly from Our founder Charla Young!

The official Caribbean fest mobile Experience!


There are 3 ways to enjoy the latest version of our app.

Caribbean Fest™ Beta 0.0.10

Accessible with, iPhone, Android, and Desktop Web Browsers. Receive App Updates in real time instantaneously.

* Doesn't currently support Push notifications*
(Notifications won't pop up on your phone)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't My App Download?

If the app won’t download or install to your home screen it’s because you may have clicked on the link inside of a social media app like Facebook or TikTok and you are still inside the social app viewing the app from a web viewer, and not a native web browser like Google Chrome or Safari. Social Media web viewers do not have the capability of adding the app to your device.

The first thing to note is this app is completely separate from all other Power to Exhale booking and membership systems. You must create a new profile/account, the credentials from another account won’t work.

The second thing is you may have your email or password entered in incorrectly.

If you don’t receive a 4 digit verification code, you can request it be sent again. If you still do not receive one then it’s possible you entered in the wrong email. If your email is correct then reach out to appsupport@powertoexhale.org  to provide you your code.

The first thing to note is this app is completely separate from all other Power to Exhale booking and membership systems. Your user name can’t have capital letters or spaces.

If you have entered in a username with no spaces and no capital letters then it may already be in use. So try another. 

You also can not sign up multiple times. If your email is already in use it cannot be used again. If you’ve signed up previously and was sent a verification code (even if you didn’t receive the code) your account is already active. SEE ” Where is My Verification Code”

The last cause could be because you entered a weak password. Passwords must include at least 10 characters, at least 1 capital, at least 1 number, and at least one special character.

*This is a direct download, via your mobile browser. App Store Approval Pending*

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