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This agreement is between Power To Exhale Travel at 743 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202, Hereinafter known as P2E TRAVEL and the home-based travel agent hereinafter known as the Independent Contractor or IC.

Terms of Agreement- P2E TRAVEL hereby retains the IC to act as an independent outside salesperson and the IC agrees to act in such a capacity on behalf of P2E TRAVEL for a period unspecified. Both the agent and the company can end the agreement at any time. By submitting this agreement, you are agreeing to a FREE opportunity, through Power to Exhale, to launch your own travel business. You are able to become a Power to Exhale Travel Agent and be licensed to sell our pre-packaged products, as well as trips on VAX Vacations, Southwest Vacations, cruises. The fee to do this is normally $99, but we deleting that annual fee for all Power to Exhale members.

Duties of the IC. The IC is hereby retained by P2E TRAVEL as a self-employed business person to sell travel and travel services to the public on behalf of P2E TRAVEL.

Here is a list of the P2E Travel Independent Contractor and the Company Itself


  • To provide the P2E Travel Agent with fully vetted travel packages monthly
  • To provide travel links for all booking
  • To include agent’s name on every booking opportunity
  • To collect registration and monthly automatic fees
  • To provide a sales report for all agents monthly
  • To pay commissions earned as discussed
  • To provide general knowledge of travel areas
  • To provide optional travel insurance, optional added tours and suggested itinerary for guests


  • Complete Online Training provided by P2E to become a certified travel agent Assist Clients with Travel Registration
  • Sell Power to Exhale Travel Opportunities
  • Sell Optional Travel Insurance
  • Sell Optional Trip Add Ons
  • Get to know Clients to Determine Their Needs and Advise Them on Destinations, Travel Dates, Costs, Etc...Provided by P2E Travel
  • Provide Relevant Information, Documents, Brochures and Publications to Travelers
  • Implement a Sales Process to Prospect Potential Clients (i.e. emails, phone calls, social media, flyers) Create Potential Client List for Sales
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